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Visier Insights Report: Gender Equity & The Manager Divide


The Manager Divide—an underrepresentation of women in manager positions—significantly contributes to the gender wage gap.

Report Findings:

· There is a pronounced dip in the percentage of women in the workforce between the ages of 25 and 40, the same age range in which women commonly have children

· The gender wage gap widens at age 32, starting with women earning 90% the wages of men, and decreasing to women earning 82% the wages of men by age 40

· Women are underrepresented in manager positions from age 32 onwards—the same age at which the wage gap between men and women broadens

· Manager wages are, on average, 2 times that of non-manager wages

· Having the same representation of women in manager positions as men would reduce the gender wage gap to 10% across all age groups— an improvement most notable for the age 32 and older population

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