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Vermont Commission on Women Highlights Wage Gap in Retirement Years

“This week marks the seventh anniversary of the federal Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. This was an amendment to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and expanded the statute of limitations for pay discrimination cases. The Act reduced barriers for women to access the justice system for wage gap remedies.

Lilly Ledbetter, for whom the law was named, learned after 19 years at Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co. in Alabama that she was being paid 35-40 percent less than three other men doing the exact same job that she was. She discovered this by reading an anonymous note that had been stuffed in her mailbox. A long court battle ensued, culminating in an appeal to the Supreme Court in 2006 where she lost because she did not file suit within 180 days of receiving her first discriminatory pay check. The Act was largely a result of this decision, resetting the 180 days with each new discriminatory pay check.”

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