What is Equal Pay Day?
Throughout the U.S., women’s organizations observe Equal Pay Day each April, symbolizing how far into the new year the average American woman would have to work to earn what the average American man did in the previous year, due to the gender wage gap. 
In Vermont, median annual income for women working FT year-round is $37,000.
That’s $7,000 less than the median annual salary earned by men. This translates to a 16% wage gap in Vermont.
On the morning of April 12th, the Vermont Commission on Women will joinBusiness and Professional Women, the League of Women Voters, members of the Women’s Caucus of the legislature, and other policy leaders at the Vermont State House for Equal Pay Day.
At 10:00 a.m. the Vermont House of Representatives will be called to order and soon after a resolution honoring Equal Pay Day will be read.  At 11:00 a.m. the Governor will sign an Equal Pay Day proclamation in his ceremonial office. 
All are welcome to join us!  
Get the latest stats and information about Vermont’s wage gap: read our latest report: 2016 Status Report: Women Work and Wages in VT.

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