“Did you know that in Vermont that 43 percent of women who work full-time do not earn enough to cover basic living expenses as defined by Vermont’s Joint Fiscal Office? That single women with minor children are nine times more likely than women who are married to live in poverty? That the median annual Social Security income for women in their senior years is only $10,000—half that of men?

These and other startling statistics were recently revealed in “2016 Status Report: Women, Work and Wages,” a new brief released in January and produced by Change The Story (CTS), a multiyear initiative dedicated to significantly improving women’s economic status in Vermont. Spearheaded by the state’s three most active and influential women’s organizations—the Vermont Women’s Fund, the Vermont Commission on Women, and Vermont Works for Women—it aligns philanthropy, policy, and program to dig deep into the underlying reasons why women continue to lag behind their male counterparts in almost every area of economic activity and to uncover key leverage points and gender issues that should be considered in future planning for education, employment, and state spending.”

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