“Hey guys! You can do something very simple to help achieve gender equality in the business world. Just say no to all-male panels.

Start immediately.

On Tuesday afternoon, a United Nations-based organization devoted to responsible business practices took a stand on the issue.┬áThe executive director of the U.N. Global Compact, Lise Kingo, announced that the organization’s 80 employees will no longer participate in or host all-male panel discussions.

“Too often I’ve been the only woman on a panel. It is time that we challenge the status quo and stop making excuses — there is no shortage of qualified women,” Kingo said in a statement, part of her opening remarks at the Women’s Empowerment Principles annual event in New York.

The U.N. Global Compact plans on urging its 8,500 member companies, including Coca-Cola, Cisco, HP and Johnson & Johnson, to also take the pledge. Notably, some of the biggest tech companies, including Google and Facebook, have not signed on to the Global Compact — a commitment to higher standards on environmental, labor and human rights issues.”

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