“There’s a long-running argument about whether Vermonters are leaving the state —because of high taxes, lack of opportunity, and other reasons.

The latest to chime in is the Public Assets Institute, a liberal-leaning think tank in Montpelier. It says 96 percent of Vermonters stay in the state; only 4 percent move in or out — and the numbers tend to balance out.

…Are the wealthy fleeing Vermont? “No, they are not. The people most likely to leave the state are those with the lowest incomes. And over the last 20 years, the average income of those coming into Vermont has exceeded the average income of those leaving. In fact, migration’s effect is practically nil overall. In Vermont, New England, and the rest of the country, most people stay put. In 2013, 97 percent of U.S. tax filers and 96 percent of Vermonters didn’t leave their home states. When people moved out, comparable numbers moved in.

…U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders has built his presidential campaign on income inequality — the huge and growing gap between rich people and the rest of the population.

Change The Story VT has collected data showing that income inequality hits women particularly hard.”

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