Change The Story partnered with Senator Leahy to organize the 2017 WEOC event on September 16 2017.

Together, we built greater awareness of our research on Vermont women and the economy, offered skill-building workshops, and ended the day with heartfelt stories told by 5 Vermonters of lived experiences of gender inequality. Below is the recording of the afternoon, generously provided by CCTV Center for Media and Democracy.

Bios can be found here.

Viewing guide:

00: 01:18 | Muslim Girls Making Change opening poem (with intro by Rebecca EunMi Haslam)
00:05:28 | Cary Brown introducing CTS:
00:20:17 | Tiffany Bluemle introducing the storytellers and the reason behind the event
00:23:15 | Prudence Pease:
00:33:33 | Lisa Ryan
00:41:15 | Judy Pransky
00:49:46 | Colin Ryan
1:02:00 | Melody Walker Brook
1:22:00 | Muslim Girls Making Change closing poem

Missed the event?

Here’s the recap.