Business Peer Exchange

How do we promote gender diversity and equity in our workplaces?

The Business Peer Exchange is a group of dedicated businesses in Vermont working together to ensure women have the opportunity to thrive in their workplaces.

In January 2016, an initial cohort committed to a year of building awareness and examining their workplaces through a gender lens.

They have:

• added diversity to corporate strategic planning goals

• increased awareness of gender throughout their companies (a sign of progress: a male production manager asking specifically for female applicants to be recommended)

• taken more time to speak to women in leadership about their experiences

• seen an increase in diversity of applicants due to new recruitment practices

• provided ‘unconscious bias’ training for all staff and ‘bias in interviewing’ training for HR staff

“Participation has helped me do things differently with my team and have new conversations inside my company.”

We’re continuing the momentum!

What’s included in participation?

• monthly 2-hour cohort meetings for you and a colleague or two (beginning in March 2017 in Chittenden County)
• 2 larger networking events for you, your CEOs, and colleagues
• 90 minutes of on-site consulting (tailored to meet your organization’s needs)

Download the BPE Description PDF

What’s the commitment?

• be willing to share your experience, knowledge and any tools you’ve used in your company in recruiting, training, and advancing women in your workplace
• be open to experimenting with new practices and share your experiences with us
• be an ambassador for gender equality

Interested in learning more?

Contact Jessica Nordhaus at and Lindsey Lathrop-Ryan at

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