The Gender Bias Learning Project is housed within the Center for WorkLife Law at UC Hastings College of the Law.

Gender bias typically stems not from malevolence, but from the perceived mismatch between the “typical woman” and the requirements of jobs that historically were held by men such as professor, scientist, and investment banker. In fact, many of the historically male dominated jobs are still held predominantly by men. For example, tenure-track jobs at research institutions still are 70-80% male.

Gender bias takes many forms, some obvious and others subtle. Here are some common examples of more subtle forms of bias:

  • Objective rules applied rigidly to women but leniently to men
  • The persistent assumption that a mother is home with her children when she is at a committee meeting, presenting at a conference, or home writing her book
  • An atmosphere where women are accepted only if they cater to the comfort levels of men who expect them to play traditionally feminine roles

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