A short film about the women who claimed a place in American politics.

Source: Vox

“In 1788, Thomas Jefferson wrote that American women shouldn’t “wrinkle their foreheads with politics.” A century and a half later, when Hillary Clinton was born, that attitude still prevailed.

That year, 1947, the US had zero female senators, zero female governors. The Supreme Court, and the Oval Office of course, had only ever seen men. It was only really in the past 40 years that women learned they could lead and men learned they could be led by women.

That revolution in American culture is still ongoing, but the idea that women are naturally unfit for government is now so alien to younger generations that many feel uncomfortable even considering the gender of a political candidate. The realities, however, lag behind the attitudes. Women make up only about 20 percent of the US House and the US Senate, and about 25 percent of state government.”

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