By signing the Compact, employers commit to accomplishing the following three goals:
GOAL 1: Understand the Root Causes of the Wage Gap
Employers commit to understanding the gender wage gap and the underlying causes that contribute to the gap.
Examples of Potential Measures by Employer:
– Management review of the Council’s “Closing the Wage Gap” report
– Employee access to the Council’s report and the Compact
– Analysis of internal employment practices and data
– Visible Management and Leadership engagement on the issue of wage equality, including attending conferences and/or meetings on the topic
– Dedicated time/staff resources
GOAL 2: Close the Gap
Employers commit to reviewing the evidence-based interventions in the Council’s report, conducting a self-assessment of any interventions they have already implemented internally, and implementing or undertaking to improve three interventions tailored to their workplace.
Examples of Potential Measures by Employer:
– Assessment of Current State
– Enhancements to Existing Interventions
– Introduction of New Implemented Interventions

GOAL 3: Evaluate Success
– Employers commit to participating in a biennial review to discuss successes and challenges, as well as contributing data to a report compiled by a third party on the Compact’s success to date.
– Employer-level data will not be identified in the report. The specific data to be reported will build on data already required by federal and state authorities and should not create an additional reporting burden.

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